Easy DIY Wavy Hair


Coupon FriendlyWhen I was a kid, I LOVED putting my hair in braids, so that when I took them out later, I would have super wavy hair. It was so fun to do and so easy. The problem was, I was a very impatient kid….

….I’m STILL an impatient person, which is not necessarily a good thing. LOL I know, I gotta work on that.

Anyways, I found a way to speed up the DIY wavy hair! If you have straight hair, but no curling iron, like me, this is perfect for you.

First, you’ll need your hair straightener on.

Then, simply braid your hair in large braids…maybe 4 or 5 large, loose braids. Once your straightener is heated up, straighten your braids, like you would your hair. Take your time on it.

Afterwards, lightly spray some sea salt spray (DIY recipe, click here) and let it dry for a few minutes. Take some pictures…head bang with those awesome braids! I told my husband that I wanted to go out in public like that…..I was kidding, though. I looked really weird! 😛

Take out the braids…and voila. Simply wavy hair. Top it off with some hairspray and throw in a few clips to pull back your bangs. It works!

….oh and if you’re wondering what my t-shirt says…..it says “to save time, let’s just assume I am never wrong.” HA! It cracks me up!



  1. This was a great post, as I am always seeking more ideas for how to pretty my daughters hair with a pretty headband. Thanks

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