Purex UltraPacks Laundry Detergent Review


Purex UltraPacks(Disclaimer: I received Purex UltraPacks to review. I was under no obligation to give a positive review. The opinions I gave were 100% my own.)

I have 5 children.

Okay, maybe I need to specify a little more. I have 4 young kids and a husband! I love them all so much, even if they get super messy quite often. With a household of 6, I do laundry…A LOT!  I literally have 5 baskets laying around each part of the house…I know, it’s a little crazy, but I do. It helps my family quickly clean their dirty clothes up off the floor. With all that being said, I’m always in the market for laundry detergent that is extremely effective without hurting my bank account. I know the saying, “you get what you pay for”…but after learning about Purex UltraPacks, I was hoping that wasn’t the case. Coupon Friendly received the opportunity to review Purex UltraPacks Laundry Detergent. If you have never heard of them, be sure to read on:

“Purex UltraPacks contain a complete load’s worth of concentrated liquid laundry detergent in each convenient pack. They dissolve quickly, even in cold water, releasing the concentrated liquid laundry detergent.

No more measuring. No more mess. Just toss and go! With double the cleaning power in every drop, you can trust your clothes will come out bright, white and clean.” Purex Website

PurexI’ve always been bad at measuring…yes I know they have the lines on the caps to help you, but with how much laundry I do, I’m afraid of basically *pouring money* into my washer. I love that the UltraPacks have a single load’s worth, so I don’t have to worry about measuring it. BIG PLUS!! Make sure to handle them with dry hands, though. The packs dissolve quickly, even in cold water!

Having kids, also comes along with the back pain. I had 4 c-sections, and with the full spinal block (ouchy!!), comes the risks of back issues for the rest of your life. Now, don’t get me wrong…I don’t have major back pain, where I’m walking with a cane or walker, but I do sometimes have problems lifting heavy things. With that being said, I’m a SUCKER for a deal. If I find a fantastic deal on the 96-150 load laundry detergents, I’m gonna get it. The biggest issue with that is how heavy they are. It is such a pain in the rear to lug those huge things around. The Purex Ultra Pack packages are lightweight, so I don’t risk hurting my back more than it usually does. My mind is at ease!!

00000000000000001289374019283740912873409128734092187The baby of the family, my 9 month old, I’d have to say is one of the messiest in the house. She has no problem getting her hands….and clothes….dirty when it comes to meal time. Now, in the past, it was so hard to get out the stains from my older kids clothes when they were babies. I’d have to end up pitching them in the trashcan and spending money on new outfits, because I was afraid of people looking at my little ones and think I didn’t properly take care of them………I was so excited to try out the Purex UltraPacks on my little ones clothes, but at the same time, I was afraid of the outcome.


Thankfully, to my surprise, the stains came out. Her clothes look stain-free and still look absolutely adorable on her. The scent was light, but still smelled good to me.

All in all, this is what I have to say about it….I LOVE PUREX ULTRAPACKS!! If you haven’t tried Purex UltraPacks yet, you’re missing out. They’re conveniently packaged, so you don’t have to handle heavy laundry detergent tubs, and you don’t have to measure. Be sure to LIKE them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. You can also buy  UltraPacks at Walmart for as low as $6.97 on sale! What a fantastic price! Don’t miss out.

Please Note: Keep out of reach of children. 

DO NOT let children handle laundry products.

Do not puncture Purex UltraPacks.

Call 1-800-457-8739 if exposed to the eye or if swallowed. Please seek medical attention.




  1. I absolutely love the Purex baby detergent! I love the smell and with a little one learning how to feed herself, she gets lots of stains on her clothes. The baby detergent gets it right out!

  2. I love purex because it is easy on my families skin. My husband and son have such sensitive skin it took me a while to find something that would work on their skin. Not only do I love it because of that, but because it gets stains and smells out of almost anything! Having a son and a husband can cause a lot of smelly stains but purex can resolve that issue!

  3. I love purex! That is usually the only kind we buy because its cheaper and it WORKS! I have 2 kids and a husband who works in a metal foundry so we have lots of stains!

  4. I love Purex because my family has used this detergent brand for as long as I can remember. Other detergents irritate my sensitive skin, but Purex does not!!

  5. I like Purex because it is cheaper than other brands, but it works just as good. I like the packs we seem to get “more” because it is a no brainer on how much to use.

  6. i love the price of purex and it works and smells great . i have used it for many years now . love the new styles and scents !!1

  7. I’m also horrible at measuring. I’m so afraid to put too much or too little and then I end up messing it up anyway. I love that I can just use a cube now!

  8. I have been using these for a while and really like them, especially the “free and clear” variety. I received some really great coupons that got me introduced to them in the first place. 🙂

  9. I love the Purex Ultra Packs, I still want to try the ones that have Oxi in them too! LOL at “5” kids and boy can I relate on many levels… except laundry. My hubby actually likes doing it!

  10. WOW.. I always loved Purex, never tried the packs, BUT the results are amazing, especially for baby outfits, these stains are SOO hard to get out.. WOW.. thanks for a great review, will have to check it out

  11. I love that the scent stays fresh on the clothes after they are washed and dried. I also love that Purex gets clothes really clean!

  12. i haven’t ever tried purex!! but i love the packs like that. easy peasy

    i had 3 sections too. i didn’t know it could give back issues- i’ve had them since my 2nd kid was born

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