Miracle of Belief: The Story of a Six-Year-Old Heart Hero Book Giveaway


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“Miracle of Belief: The Story of a Six-Year-Old Heart Hero”

Being a parent is a very tough job. And hearing that your child just had a massive stroke during heart surgery is the last thing any parent wants to hear. The unexpected brain trauma of their six-year-old daughter forced this family to hold on to unrelenting belief. In order to keep their family and friends updated, Sondra Dubas documented their 63-day struggle in an online journal chronicling their daughter’s healing journey and the transformation of their lives.

This captivating story will keep you turning pages; and you’ll also find critical coping strategies for anyone experiencing trauma in the life of a child or loved one. Even if you’re not experiencing a trauma in your life, the life lessons that the author reveals will help you to consider your own priorities about life in a completely new way.

Sondra Dubas and another “Heart Mom” wanted to help other families deal with congenital heart defects and the scary things that kids have to go through when they are being treated for CHD. They co-founded “Heart Heroes”, whose mission is to provide support for families when they need it most, and a superhero cape to the child as they go through surgeries, doctor visits, tests, and other things that can be really scary for a tiny child. Heart Heroes has sent capes all over North America and 10 other countries, and their support grows every day.

In July, Brian Williams and NBC Nightly News featured Heart Heroes on their Making a Difference segment. The response to the story was overwhelming!

Miracle of Belief: The Story of a Six-Year-Old Heart Hero was published last month.


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