Flat Iron Bundle Review

Coupon Friendly received the opportunity to review the Karmin Professional Hairstyling Iron, Thermal Shine, Macadamia leave-in cream and the Flat Iron Experts flat iron holder, all from Flat Iron Experts.
I really liked this review and I’ll tell you why. For years, I have been straightening my hair. I grew up always thinking that my hair had such an ugly wave to it. Finding the right straightener had been quite a burden on me, though. Every straightener I used would pull out my hair, literally! It would pull and tug, and it was quite painful. I was needing to find a straightener that didn’t do that. Plus, having four children, I wanted to find products that helped me look like a smokin’ momma!
  The Karmin straightener with the Titanium plates made such a difference with my hair.
And you wanna talk about softness — this flat iron made my hair super soft and shiny. My husband loved running his fingers through my hair so much, I had to make him quit. 
I also loved the Flat Iron Holder. It has suction cups on the bottom to stick to the surface of your counter. Or you can hang it on the wall with it’s nail-holding inserts. It is very handy to have it, especially when I have little ones that get curious often.
 The Macadamia leave-in cream was fantastic. Normally, I don’t put this kind of stuff in my hair, but when I tried this product, I had wondered all this time why I hadn’t.  Not only did they make my hair soft, but they made me smell so good. I couldn’t stop smelling my hair the first day.
The Thermal Shine spray was great as well. It’s meant to protect your hair with the hot heat of the blowdryer and the straightener touching it, along with giving it a bit of a shine. I could definitely see a difference.
This photo was taken after I had used a blow-dryer.

This photo was taken after I had used the Karmin flat iron.
I’m extremely satisfied with these products and would recommend Flat Iron Experts to anyone who was in need of awesome hair products.
Be sure to check out Flat Iron Experts and look through their selection of hair care products. They have tons of stuff all at great prices! Be sure to check out their Facebook Page as well! They offer FREE beauty tips and advice on choosing the perfect products for YOUR hair type.
(Disclaimer: Flat Iron Experts sent me products to review. I was under no obligation to give a positive review. The opinion I gave was 100% my own.)


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