Nursing Pillow Review

Hey everyone! Guess what?
Coupon Friendly was recently given the opportunity to review the Nursing Pillow. I’m excited to let you in on this little review here. There’s quite a bit to say and don’t know where to begin, so just bare with me. 
I have used the other kind of nursing pillow — In fact, I have one. I like it, I really do. I just wanted to find something that was a little bit more convenient when it came to me taking my little infant to other places, such as my in-laws place. They live about an hour away, so when we visit them, we plan to usually spend the day there. I’ve got my hands completely tied with a baby, a toddler and two younger children. Yes, my husband is there to help me, but I like to find other means of assistance. While the nursing pillow I have works great at home, to me, it’s quite bulky and a tad bit of a nuisance when it comes to travelling with it.
That’s where the Nursing Pillow, from Mother’s Lounge, comes into play. Technically, the Nursing Pillow isn’t meant to be a travel-sized pillow for breast-feeding, but in my case it worked really well as one. The size (shown in the picture at the bottom of the post) you can tell is slightly smaller than the other kind of pillows. As compared, the Nursing Pillow’s stuffing is quite squishier and a little more flexible.
I had wondered how my daughter would feel being propped up with it. She seemed really comfortable. It propped her up nicely and she didn’t complain about it. I had also used it to help with tummy-time. Although, she completely hates tummy-time, the Nursing Pillow assisted her nicely when I laid her on top of it.
I have also personally used it as a travel pillow. It’s comfortable and supports my head and neck on long car rides. I figured if I had it in the car anyways, then I could use it as such.
I like this product because of it’s convenience and simplicity. It’s also machine-washable, which is very  handy. 

I’d definitely recommend the Nursing Pillow from the Mother’s Lounge line if you’re looking for a cute nursing pillow that’s great for travelling and a nice price. They’re often having promos to getting them for free and all you would have to pay is the shipping cost. Be sure to check out their website for more information and pattern selection.
(Mother’s Lounge sent me one of their nursing pillows to review. I was under no obligation to give a positive review. The opinion I gave was 100% my own.)



    • The Nursing Pillow is just a little bit smaller than a Boppy Pillow, so I don’t believe that a cover will fit it.

  1. If you are wondering if this deal is too good to be true, it is! I got my pillow the other day and conveniently they have a no return policy, probably because this thing is not even worth the $12 “shipping charge” they offer all the time and pretend it is a special deal!

    Other than appearing to be a slightly smaller shape of the far superior Boppy Pillow, I am not sure what qualifies this trash to be considered a “nursing pillow.” The Nursing Pillow (a name almost impossible to find reviews for on the internet because the name brings up all nursing pillows, how convenient) is cheaply made, the material is NOT soft, (I got the “Hush” cover) the side pieces are entirely too short so this thing will slip like crazy if you attempt to nurse with it, and the height is too short so you’d have to stack two or three pillows underneath to attempt to use this as a nursing pillow. Save yourself the “shipping charges” and buy a Boppy or My Breast Friend because they are actual reputable companies willing to exchange or return if you are unhappy with the product!

    My guess is this woman thought she could try a get-rich-quick scheme because she tried to copy Boppy’s design with little to no effort. Please do not waste your money on this thing like I did. If you want more reviews look up “The Nursing Pillow by Mother’s Lounge” and you will find other disappointed customers.

  2. Thoroughly bummed about this product. It IS too good to be true. It is basically a useless size, and like Michele above said, not worth the shipping. I ordered one sight unseen because of a coupon I received at the Motherhood Maternity store. It arrived with the most messed up stitching. Like it was made in 5 minutes. Can’t believe they are selling these for $40!!! Huge Huge HUGELY overpriced. Don’t buy one.

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