Baby Legs Review


I thought leg warmers for babies and toddlers weren’t that big of a deal. Not only that, but I didn’t fully understand the purpose of them, until I received the opportunity to review a BabyLegs line of toddler boys socks and legwarmers. 

“The BabyLegs® brand has grown from one mom’s diaper bag accessory – our signature leg warmer – to a popular children’s brand with essential child and baby products.” -BabyLegs Website

The first thing I noticed about these products were the quality of the fabric. According to their website, the products are made out of “SKAL certified organic cotton and dyes that are Oko-Tek 100 certified”. To me, they were soft to the touch and thin, but still seem breathable. 
I also enjoyed the different patterns and designs that this company provides. The fun colors caught my toddler’s eyes, which is a big plus!

When I placed the leg warmers on him, he wasn’t sure as what to think of them. I’ve never used leg warmers, so the idea of it was foreign. He didn’t try to take them off, though, since it was quite cool in our home. When it was time to change his diaper, it was a less of a hassle to have the leg warmers on him rather than shorts or pants, since I didn’t have to worry about taking them off and place them back on a wiggly little boy.
I loved the idea of placing the leg warmers in the diaper bag for on the go. I can’t count how many times my little ones have had accidents and I didn’t have an extra pair of clothing to change them into. These leg warmers are an easy alternative. 

Other ways that the Baby Legs Website explain WHY BABY LEGS?
They can protect crawling babies knees from rug burn or hard surfaces. My toddler rarely crawls now (considering he’s almost 2), but knowing for future reference is great!
They can be an alternative to tights for girls! 
When it comes to Summer, you always want to make sure that your child is protected from sunburns. These products provide a lightweight sun protection for your little ones. With this summer being one of the hottest in my area (100 degree temps), I always look for anything that will protect my children from UV rays!

All in all, I really enjoyed the BabyLegs products! They’re stylish, comfortable and my son loves them, not to mention that they are a great value! I would definitely recommend BabyLegs to all of my friends and family who are in need of some great products for their children.
*They offer a $5.99 Flat Rate Shipping on ALL orders*
Check out the Baby Legs Website and check out all of their fantastic deals!
Be sure to also check out their BabyLegs Facebook Page!

(Disclosure: BabyLegs sent me socks and leg warmers to review. I was under no obligation to give a positive review.)


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