Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow Review


Pregnancy can sometimes be a pain in the rear…literally! Back pain is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy and can be difficult to deal with and to get rid of. As a mother of 3 children and in my second trimester with my 4th, I know how important it is for me to be as comfortable as possible. When it comes to sleeping, I feel like I need a body pillow behind my back, a pillow to support my prego belly and a pillow in between my legs. Although I was pretty comfortable, I was taking up too much space on the bed, leaving my husband with only a tiny space. Not to mention that when I moved around, the pillows would fall off the bed and I would end up waking up in the middle of the night, trying to retrieve my lost comfort and attempt to get back to sleep. It was frustrating! 
So when Coupon Friendly received the opportunity to review the Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow, I had to jump on board with it! I was looking for simplicity, comfort and reliability!

“The Utterly Yours™ Pregnancy Pillow will help women find the most comfortable resting position with its special revolutionary cubic design. When opened, it forms two triangles. Memory foam on one half of the pillow conforms to the mother’s belly. The other half of the pillow is made of higher density foam to support the back while keeping the body positioned to one side comfortably. The fabric that connects the two sides stretches to accommodate women as their bodies grow throughout their pregnancy.

While one of the biggest complaints of pregnancy pillows is that they are too bulky – taking up half the bed at night and no place to discreetly store during the day – the Utterly Yours™ product is quite simply the most compact pregnancy pillow on the market.” -Utterly Yours Website

Benefits Include:
• Proven to reduce back pain
• Keeps you securely on your side – the optimal prenatal    sleep position suggested by doctors
• Incredibly compact – small enough for travel
• Chic & stylish with beautiful, easy to care for fabric options
• Comfort, compact & ease of use in one revolutionary design
For a week and a half, every single night, I had reviewed the Pregnancy Pillow to test it out. The small ‘cube’ shape was interesting, considering most pregnancy pillows you see are big and take up quite a bit of space. It showed me that it was small enough to be “on the go”, so I could take it anywhere. The design was quite cute as well (They have other designs/sizes on their website. I chose the small).  When I laid down in between, I could feel one triangle of the cube securely fitting under my pregnant belly and the other fitting behind my back. I was very comfortable at that moment. The REAL test, however would be overnight. I was a bit skeptical, to be honest. I asked myself, how could so small of a thing keep me comfortable to where I don’t wake up not only all the hours of the night, but wake up in the morning with back pain? Would it really keep me in place?
After a week and a half of using it, I was happily surprised! This Pregnancy Pillow is actually a very reliable product! It kept me on my side, I was supported on my back and belly the entire time and I was comfortable! I really enjoyed this and will have it right next to my bed every single day for me to use until my pregnancy is over. I absolutely love it!
If you are pregnant, you NEED to try out this pregnancy pillow! For more information, you can visit their website at utterlyyours.com/pregnancypillow 
They also have a breast pillow for an easier breastfeeding time with your baby!
Also, check them out on FACEBOOK!
(Disclosure: Utterly Yours sent me a pregnancy pillow to review. I was under no obligation to give a positive review. The opinion I gave was 100% my own.)

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