Baby Magic Calming Baby Bath/Lotion Review and GIVEAWAY


Bath time is extremely important to me when it comes to my kids. I want to make sure that they’re getting clean with a fresh scent, without all of the harsh chemicals and with me pregnant, I need to look after the sensitivity of my newborn baby’s skin.  Also, with me being a saver, I don’t want to spend a lot of money! Have you heard of Baby Magic? Well, Coupon Friendly received the opportunity to try it and let me tell you, I’m in love!

Here’s a little more information on what Baby Magic is all about.
“Bonding with your baby is a natural part of your routine, and Baby Magic grooming and baby bathing products will help you create those magical moments with your tiny loved one. From the best gentle baby wash to mild baby laundry detergent, all of Baby Magic’s baby products are paraben free and and made in the USA with your baby’s health and safety in mind.” – Baby Magic Website

Baby Magic Bathing and Lotions include:
Pure lavender and chamomile extracts
pH balanced
Gluten Free
Enriched with vitamins and aloe
Dermatologist tested

I tried Baby Magic’s Calming Baby Bath on my 19 month old and was satisfied. The lavender and chamomile scent was not overwhelming in the least and the soap lathered up quite nicely. I was able to get my son clean from head to toe effectively, without having to worry of his skin getting irritated or soap sting in his eyes. This goes along with the Calming Baby Lotion. The scent again was not overwhelming, but made him smell so good and his skin incredibly soft. I couldn’t stop smelling him. I absolutely loved this product and I know I can trust it on my upcoming newborn. I give Baby Magic a 5 out of 5 stars!

If you want to learn more about the products that Baby Magic provides, check out their website at

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(Disclosure: Baby Magic sent me a bottle of their Baby Magic Lavender and Chamomile Baby Bath and Lotion to review. I was under no obligation to give out a positive review. The opinion I gave was my own.)

Coupon Friendly is giving away a wonderful Baby Magic Gift Basket to ONE lucky FAN!!

(OPEN TO THE U.S. ONLY! Entries into contest will enroll them in their newsletter.)

Gift Basket includes the following: Pink Original Scent Baby Wash/Lotion, Yellow Soft Baby Scent Wash/Lotion, Calming Lavendar Wash/Lotion and a Duck Loofa! 

Enter Below for your chance to win this awesome gift basket for yourself or someone you know! And don’t  forget to tell your friends and family to enter too!!

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  1. Even though my daughter is 8, I still love her to wash in Baby Magic products. The scent is amazing, and it’s gentle on her skin, she has excema and it really helps, no break outs. I’m winning it for her! Cindy V.

  2. I would love to win this for my expected baby boy! I haven’t started collecting anything for him yet and this would be such an awesome start! 🙂
    Baby Magic is my absolute fave baby product! LOVE their scents!
    Thanks a bunch,
    Jessi Greenmamajama

  3. Well I would like to win it for me as I am having a baby in September however I am more established and a little better off than some of my loved ones who are also having babies so I would probably give it to either my sister in law due in september or my sister due in january!

  4. One of my great friends is pregnant with her second baby. I would love to give this to her, but even if it weren’t for my friend, I’d love to have it for my kids!

  5. I would love to win this for my friend’s baby because she is a single mama. She works full-time and is studying to get her master’s degree!

  6. I’m winning it for my 2 year old Nephew i love the smell of baby magic on him when he gets out of the bath!

  7. I am winning this for my son, my first and only child. He has very sensitive skin and can use this. I love the lavendar scent without the irratants. Thank you for the chance!

  8. I am entering it to win for my friend who will be having a baby soon. We use Baby Magic products with our kids and would love to pass it on to a friend!

  9. I am trying to win this for my best girlfriend Ryan, she has 2 young boys under 5 and now is having a 3rd boy and her family is struggling financially with no health insurance to cover the appts and the birth, they need all they can get so please help me win this for her. Love baby Magic I used it for my son and she loves it too and this would help her so much

  10. I would like this baby basket for my Little Brother and his lady who will be welcoming a NOT SO LITTLE bundle of joy in August. Bub may be a 9lb er. 😉

  11. We are due Nov. 23 with our second. That means Day after THANKSGIVING. Our first was born DEC 30!!! 5 days after Christmas. Were gonna need all the giveaways we can get hehe.

  12. I am winning for my little man who was just born a few weeks ago. Baby magic smells amazing and doesn’t affect my baby’s skin harshly. 🙂

  13. Well me an i have a 6 yr old that ♥’s Baby Loition jus umm it smells so good an leaves the skin feeling so so soft tyvm for the chance :0

  14. Trying to win it for myself. Trying to get everything I need ready before the baby comes. My first child I went crazy last minute trying to get everything together. I want to be ready this time around.

  15. I would be forever grateful to win this basket. I would be happy to post a picture of the lucky kids that will get to use it also. I enjoy the smell of the soap n love to smell it on the kids. Winning this basket would be a major help to us. A special gift to the lil ones. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  16. I used mennen products when my kids were babies and now I am using them on my grandbabies. These are great products and the smell is wonderful. Love them.

  17. trying to win this basket for my niece. She is a single mother with an 8month old girl. She’s trying very hard to keep her head above water & could use all the help she can get.

  18. I used baby magic on my kids,and now my daughter is 16 and we both still love the fresh soft scent of the product. We will always use baby magic

  19. I kept with the tradition of using Baby Magic since my grandmother in Puerto Rico used it on us grandkids and I’ve always been addicted to its scent! It reminds me of my childhood,my husband is now addicted to Baby Magic too! He’s a proud SAHD

  20. I love baby magic the scent brings back great memories of my babies when they were babies! I am also so sensitive to everything that this is the only thing I use as face soap I love baby magic. But would give to our local charity that supports new Mom’s in the area that can’t afford baby products.

  21. We only use Baby Magic products. Would love to win this because we have to travel out of town or order online to buy them.

  22. I’m expecting my second baby girl in September and would love this! Baby Magic smells wonderful and is safe and gentle which is important!

  23. I am winning this basket for a dear friends new grand baby! She stood by my side during my battle with cancer and I would really love to win this for her grandson ! Thank you the chance to win this great gift !

  24. My daughter’s first little girl Delilah, will be making her appearance this coming October, and I would love to gift her this basket! My whole family loves Baby Magic, we use the baby aloe bath to shower feels and smells so wonderful!

    Love you Baby Magic — Be Magic for My New Baby Girl!

  25. i currently use it every day with my 4 mo old and used it with my other 2 children when they were babies too. my mom says she was a fan of baby magic even when i was a baby 20 something yrs ago =-)

  26. I was bathed in baby magic when i was younger….not gonna lie I still use it because I have very sensitive skin and Baby Magic doesn’t dry my skin out or make me break out! Plus now I use it on my two month old little boy because he was passed on mommy’s sensitive skin!! So I am going to win this for my little baby boy Liam!!!!

  27. the smell of a baby that has been bathed and lotioned down with baby magic is a smell that is so breath taking in a great way!they smell lovely and are so soft to feel their little bodies.makes you so proud .espeially knowing they are a part of you and whom you are a great and loving parent.or Grandparent!

  28. I’ve used Baby Magic on all my first 4 kids. The oldest will be 10 this year. We just had our 5th one, a girl, 4 months ago. I’d like to win this gift pack for her!

  29. My mother insisted her grand daughter smell the best. 3 yrs later shes the best smelling kid around. I love baby magic.

  30. My kids grew up with baby Magic, I just love it. There is a young couple who just had a baby and they are in need of good Baby products and Baby Magic is the one.

  31. I would love to win this for my cousin, they had a baby girl on may 7, 2012 but she just got to come home from the hospital about a week and half ago, they could really use this!

  32. My baby girl and son have really fussy nights when they just don’t want to go to bed. After a bath in Baby Magic and a rub down of lotion, not only are they excited to get into their pajamas but they’re asleep within five minutes of climbing into bed!!!

  33. I used baby magic with my first baby girl which will be 6 next week and she now has a little sister on the way so we would love to give her the same luxury of the beautiful soft skin and smell that baby magic gives you<3


  35. love the baby magic used it with my son and plan on using it with my other son which is due in 8 weeks. nothing compares.

  36. I have used Baby Magic forever! But I want to win this fabulous gift to give to a young lady I work with that is having twins this summer!

  37. I am pregnant along with about 10 of my friends (seriously!). I’m not sure if I would keep this for myself or give as a gift. Or break it up and give as a part of many gifts! 🙂

  38. I absolutely love baby magic products!! I have my best friend who
    is pregnant..and all about johnson and johnson.. if i win this gift set i would love to give it to her to show her how much better baby magic is!!!

  39. I started using this product 11 years ago and still use it in my 6, 3 and 2 year olds! I love it SO much! Sometimes the calming lotion is hard to find and that stinks. I love giving this as a gift at baby showers too!

  40. i am trying to win this for my grandbaby . i used baby magic 22 years ago on her and now she is having a baby on her i wont her to give her baby the best and have the nices small around and this would be so nice for her to win

  41. I am going to use this for my son he has very sensitive skin and he still uses baby magic on his skin and hair…then the lotion…thanks for this giveaway….

  42. Just became granparents to TWIN boys! Yikes! lol… love the smell of fresh babies! Love the smell of BABY MAGIC on top of them<3

  43. I am entering this contest to win the baby magic gift set for a friend of mine across the country. I live in NY and she lives in AZ. I would like to send it to her as a gift of appreciation for her always being there for me! Nothing better than a clean, happy baby! Am I right??

  44. My daughter-in-law is due in september she has used BABY MAGIC for her other girls and her self for soft and moisture

  45. I am winning for myself. I will be using it on my son when he comes into this world (hoping by his due date of July 6, 2012) I tried for 20 years toget pregnant and finally at the age of 40 I have succeeded. He deserves to be a calm smell good baby 🙂

  46. For my baby that will be born in july. I love the baby products and their soft scent. I’ve given these products as presents for my friend’s babies and I’d love to get this gift set for my son.

  47. I would love to win this for my kids! I have a 17, month old son and a 5 week old daughter. This would be awesome! Hope we win. Thanks for the chance!

  48. I have always loved Baby Magic. Nothing but the best for my babies. 🙂 Baby Magic has been in the family for a while now. My mom used it on me and my sisters. I also used it on my kids and now have my 2 new little ones that I use Baby Magic products on. Plus, I know it will continue on in the family because my kids will use it for their kids. Baby Magic is the best!If my store doesn’t have it you can gaurantee I am going to go find it somewhere else.

  49. I would love to win this for Niece who is having her first baby. I have always loved the Baby Magic products and I still to this day at 53 use the lotion. The scent of the Baby Magic is very soothing for me and I guess thats why after a baby gets its bath they are ready for a nap. And this is a good thing. I know it is for me. So thank you Baby Magic for the most wonderful baby product out there. God Bless.

  50. I would love to give this to my sister for my little nephew Aden. She was just telling me today that J&J have bad chemicals like formaldehyde, and won’t change for 2 more years! Thanks for the great alternative I hope little Aden will get to try it soon.

  51. I want to win this prize set for my 11 month old daughter. She loves all baby magic products and the smell of them are amazing. I haven’t found another wash/shampoo that get her to go to sleep like the bedtime bath. Give her a bath at night with the stuff and right after she is asleep and stays asleep all night long. Thank you Baby Magic for making awesome products!

  52. I would be very pleased to win this for my 6 week old little baby boy Isaiah, so that he can smell and feel fresh and so mommy and daddy can eat him up more! 😉 Thank you, Molly Bussler

  53. Would love to win this gift basket as I just used up my last bottle giving my son a bath yesterday!!! lol! 🙂

  54. I’m xpecting my surprise baby I’m due july 2nd but could go at any moment! would love winning this for my new baby boy!

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