Tree Hut Body Butter Review


Have you heard of Tree Hut Shea Body Butter? Well if you haven’t, you’re missing out and you definitely need to read this review!

If you like the “smelly good” stuff, then this product is right for you! The first moment I got it, I had to open and smell it. They both smelled so good, that I had to show it to my husband and kids. They completely agreed. I couldn’t wait to use some.The next day, I used the Tropical Mango for the first time. It made my skin incredibly soft, with it’s natural oils to moisturize, and it my body smelled of it’s sweet aroma. After all was done, I went in the living room, where my family was and sat next to my husband. Automatically, he complimented on how good I smelled. It boosted my self-confidence. It may sound weird, but I felt beautiful!

I like the Hawaiian Kukui used on my hands during the day. My hands get dry easily due to cleaning the house constantly with 3 little ones with me, so keeping the body butter right on my kitchen window sill, it’s right there to help me soften my skin and make them smell good.

I have used it after every shower to not only moisturize my dry skin, but to actually make myself feel cleaner. 

I love this product, and I know you will too!

Check out their website for more on their products.



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